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The Friends of the Library will be organizing a townwide tag sale in Oxford, to take place on Saturday, July 9th.

We welcome participation from individuals, non-profits, religious organizations, and any other groups in town!

In order to participate, please fill out the Google Form linked below. We will be using the Yard Sale Treasure Map app to organize this event. Your address and a brief description of items will be included on the app, on the library website, on the FOLIO Facebook page, and in a printed directory which will be available for pick up at the library the week of the sale.

Please note that this event is not taking place at the library! You will be hosting the tag sale at your own residence or place of business, and you are responsible for all setup and cleanup. FOLIO is simply organizing the list of participants, publicizing the event and locations, and helping all of Oxford's residents host their most successful yard sales.


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